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This week’s video on boiler tips will focus on Refractory. These are materials which protect objects from intense temperature. To keep the refractory in its place, it needs to be anchored. Boiler professionals will find this video helpful in understanding the basics of boiler construction.

Refractory parts are constructed from a high heat-resistance material that are put into place in order to guard against materials that have lower heat resistance. Since they are made of a material that is high heat-resistant, they must be secured by ceramic or metallic anchors, parts of the material which form an interface between the refractory piece and the base piece.

A piece that has less resistant to heat than a manhole that is in a boiler can have a problem if it is not secured with an encapsulated refractory. This can cause serious thermal damage to the surroundings which could render the boiler and Kiln useless. An anchoring refractory method is how it stays in contact with its intended target, and won’t slip away or suffer damage during the process of opening and closing the non-heat resistant piece it was joined to.

Heat flow systems are incomplete without the use of anchors made of refractory. Technicians in the field of boilers should know how these anchors work. pvmfsnxk7f.

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