7 Types of Roofing Materials You Can Choose for Your Home – Concordia Research

Roof materials to choose from for your home There are a variety of aluminum: steel, copper and many other alloys. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. Metal roofing is light-weight and fireproof, and durable. It is immune to severe weather conditions and is known for its long-lasting nature. Metal roofing has become an increasingly popular option due to the advantages. You can install metal roofs in the form of shingles or complete sheets. The roof can be put on top of the majority of roofing. Metal roofer contractors will tell them that if they maintain an appropriate metal roof, you can expect it to last between 50 to 75 years. As a homeowner an aluminum roof could last for many years before you need to replace it.

Metal roofs are energy efficient and reflect heat. They can also help reduce your cooling cost during the hot summer. Metal roofs can be upgraded to give your home a contemporary look. It’s crucial to know that metal roofs tend to be higher priced than asphalt roofing but may not be so expensive as the other roofing materials. Metal roofs are tough and can stand up to harsh extreme weather conditions. But, they may crack or split because they’re made of flexible materials. Metal roofing is typically loud, which some homeowners love. Others do not enjoy the noise of rain or snow falling on the roof of a steel one, which must be considered.

3. Wood

Shakes, as well as wood-based shingles are among the most sought-after roofing materials that you can pick from. A majority of wood shingles are constructed of western red or Atlantic white cedar. Also, they include the cypress, pine and spruce. They typically start out in a lighter shade, however they get darker as they age. The wood shingles may turn dark brown or silvery-gray. It is achieved by cutting the wood into very thin, tapered pieces. In order to ensure uniformity, they are machine-cut. Shakes are different in that they’re cut using a manual method. Shakes are cut by hand to give a the look of a rough, textured and rustic. Shakes and wood shingles are equally well-known.


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