Explaining Shopfloor Metrology – Technology Radio

rology is at its basic definition. Shopfloor metrology is simply the method of measuring shop floors for inspection. Most inspections take place in a laboratory area inside a setting where objects are examined. Let’s look a little deeper to understand what shopfloor metrology is.

There are many types of metrology we need to know about. First, there are conventional metrology instruments. But the more advanced measuring technology includes laser trackers, handheld scanners, optical scanning and probing, photogrammetry, as well as automatic measuring instruments. The metrology tools could be employed for rapid inspections and also for more detailed report and reverse engineering.

Benefits of shop floor metrology include its convenience, low cost, mobility, and user-friendliness. The advantages of shop floor metrology reduce the work and time involved in having machines sent into internal or external measurement labs. You can also take extensive measurement of small and big components.

This video provides a comprehensive overview of shop floor metrology. It highlights the most current techniques for measurement and innovations in the evaluation of shop floors.


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