How to Freshen Up a Room With a Few Simple Design Tricks – Las Vegas Home

change the color of your drapes or swap your drapes for blinds. For more space you could add lights to this area and mirrors. Also, you can tilt your sofas in a different angles to increase the TV’s watching.

There is the option of adding blankets and cushions for it to be more snug when it is cold. Fireplaces can be added or you can have a fake fireplace built. When you focus on soft, textured fabrics, you can increase comfort inside your home for any type of conditions.

12. Declutter

You’ll be amazed to discover that this is something you’d expect to see within every home, but it’s not. If you’re overwhelmed with work for decluttering your home as you’d like to, this could be the time to start. One way to freshen up your space is to get rid of any clutter.

If there is anything you don’t need or are using, you should get rid of it. To get rid of things take a deep cleaning. This isn’t just about making your home more space-friendly, it can also help clear your mind. Based on research, those living in an uncluttered environment are more likely to be afflicted with stress.

If you’re not sure of where to start with your decluttering that’s perfectly normal. You can follow these easy steps to make it simpler for you.

Create a checklist of what you’d like to rid of room-by-room.

Create a timeframe for your decluttering process.

Begin with your most frequent clutter including old newspapers, and lost mail.

Pause for a break throughout your day.

Use your storage wisely.

Knowing the best ways to brighten up a living space is a big part of creating a beautiful and healthy space for your family. It isn’t necessary to invest excessive amounts of money in order to purchase the home you want. Sometime


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